Intermodal Trucking in Fredericksburg

Are you looking for an intermodal trucking company that can transport your 53-foot shipping container from one loading dock to the next? If so, look no further than Fredericksburg’s finest domestic trucking experts at Traveler Transportation Inc..

Promising on-time delivery, above-board shipping practices, and so much more, we are here to serve you. Request our ramp-to-ramp intermodal shipping services by calling (540) 498-5560 at your convenience.

Ramp-to-Ramp Cargo Transport

Shipping containers travel great distances. They cross land by truck and rail, and their journey sometimes even sees them being loaded onto cargo ships or planes. There is no shortage of professionals at the loading docks and rail terminals that can get these containers onto the ships or train tracks, but where do industry professionals and clients turn when they need to get their cargo from one loading dock to another?

Who do retail customers call when they need someone to pick up their freight from the rail terminal and bring it to their door? They contact us. We offer drayage services, also known as intermodal trucking services, and we offer them for exceptional rates.

Drayage Done Right

Shipping containers and various large shipments make their way across great distances via railroads, the sea, the highway, and cargo planes. At every shipyard, loading dock, or rail terminal, truck drivers are waiting to transport the cargo from one dock to another for the next stage of the voyage.

Logistics companies, everyday individuals, and everything in-between look to us when they need truck drivers to handle their freight without issue. Intermodal trucking services we offer include:

  • Expedited drayage
  • Pier drayage
  • Inter-carrier drayage
  • Intra-carrier drayage
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • And more

Would you like to learn more about our services? Contact us at your convenience to speak with a representative. We’re always willing to answer a potential client’s pressing questions.

Unsung Heroes of Intermodal Shipping

Without intermodal trucking companies like ours, shipments would be left stranded at loading docks and warehouses. We bridge the gap between the various shipyards and loading areas that receive these shipments. We abide by the standards of our industry, and we treat every shipping container like our own. From refrigerated cargo to industrial machinery, we ship it all.

Quick Turnarounds on Delivery

Companies and individuals seek out the specialty logistics services of our truck drivers in hopes that we will simplify and streamline the shipping process. Time and time again, we always exceed customer expectations. We are honored to be a vital link in the supply chains of countless industries, and we don’t intend on faltering any time soon.

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