Dry Van Trucking in Lynchburg

When you need a dry van trucking company in Lynchburg, there’s only one that brings the best trucks, experienced drivers, and great rates. That’s Traveler Transportation Inc..

We have a huge fleet of fully enclosed semi-trailers, which ensure your goods can travel all over the country and be consistently protected from the elements. No type of cargo or load size is out of our capabilities. Our dry van trailers are versatile and can keep any load secure and safe. We care about delivering your items on time and in perfect condition and are committed to your satisfaction every step of the way.

For the most reliable, timely, and affordable dry van trucking company in Lynchburg, call us at (540) 498-5560 today!

Versatile Trailers

The best part of working with our dry van trucks is their versatility. The nature of the trailers, being enclosed, secured, and large, means they can accommodate most loads of dry goods. Any freight of small dry goods you can imagine can be safely transported in a dry van truck, such as:

  • Non-perishable food
  • Building materials
  • Retail shipments
  • And more

Our trailers are completely weather-proof, meaning no rain or snow can damage your items, and we use secure locking mechanisms on the door to make sure nobody can access your cargo.

Get the best dry van truck in Lynchburg for your load today by calling Traveler Transportation Inc. at (540) 498-5560!

Professional and Safe Deliveries

The hallmark of our business at Traveler Transportation Inc. is our professional and reliable employees. We screen our drivers to ensure they have long and successful track records of perfect and timely deliveries. We are committed to meeting your deadlines and getting your items to their destination in perfect condition. This means we are careful with loading, securing, driving, and unloading your cargo. This is our commitment to your satisfaction.

To meet this commitment, we also keep a fleet of high-quality dry van trucks. We ensure they are well-maintained and serviced because breakdowns on the road are a huge problem with getting your delivery where it needs to go on time.

We don’t mess around with your cargo. For a company that will look after your goods with care, call us today to book a dry van!

Dry Vans You Can Afford

One thing that separates our dry vans from other trucks and the competition is their affordability. In fact, dry van trucking is the most affordable method of trucking available, and we keep our rates at Traveler Transportation Inc. even lower. There’s no need to worry about refrigeration, oversize loads, or securing a flatbed, so dry vans are the cheapest trucks we offer.

To learn about our rates for your delivery destination, call us today at (540) 498-5560! We’re happy to offer accurate quotes so you know exactly what you have to pay before you book.

Call Today for Traveler Transportation Inc.’s Dry Van Trucking

If you have a dry shipment or cargo of any size that needs to go any distance there’s only one company to call: Traveler Transportation Inc.. Our professional drivers will get your load where you need it quickly, safely, and reliably, so you know it’s going to arrive in pristine condition. Our trucks are perfect for most load types, but if you’re unsure, give us a call to speak to an expert.

To learn more about our dry van options and book your truck today, contact us at (540) 498-5560!