Flatbed Trucking in Lynchburg

If you’re located in Lynchburg and need a flatbed truck, there’s only one company you need to know. Traveler Transportation Inc. is the trucking company to book flatbed deliveries, no matter the trip or when you need them. We have a huge fleet of quality flatbed trucks that can provide you with the transportation solution you’re looking for. If your cargo is too long, wide, or huge to fit inside an enclosed trailer, a flatbed is likely the truck you are looking for.

We offer a full-service flatbed transportation service that will ensure your load arrives on time in perfect condition. We make this promise for any cargo over any delivery distance. To get a flatbed trucking service that suits your needs, call us at (540) 498-5560 today!

Why Choose Flatbeds?

There are many different types of trucks that we offer, and it’s important to us that you find the truck that’s right for your needs. Don’t be confused about the best way to transport your cargo.

Flatbed trucks are perfect for many loads, but especially for those that are too large to fit in a trailer. This is because flatbeds have no enclosure, giving you the freedom to have unusually shaped cargo or a huge load that is too large for a standard trailer. No trailer means you have much more space for your goods, letting you load more for each trip.

There are many possibilities for what we can transport on a flatbed, including:

  • Lumber
  • Pipes
  • Construction material
  • Vehicles
  • Farming and construction equipment
  • Heavy machinery
  • Steel coils
  • And more

There’s a chance that your cargo isn’t on this list—that’s okay. Our flatbeds can be used for any other large load you might have. Just give us a call, and we can discuss whether flatbed trucking is right for your load.

Why Choose Traveler Transportation Inc. for Flatbed Trucking?

Traveler Transportation Inc. is a professional company specializing in the safe and timely delivery of goods on flatbed trucks. To make sure every delivery goes smoothly, every driver must be exceptionally trained and carefully screened; large loads require more care when securing them to the truck and when driving them on the road.

Some companies might not value your cargo as much as you do, but we are always there for your satisfaction. Our top priority is delivering your cargo on time and in perfect condition. Our experts have a long track record of success. So trust us with your flatbed cargo today.

Affordable Rates On Flat Beds

Flatbed trucks can come at higher rates than a typical dry van trailer, but with Traveler Transportation Inc., you still don’t have to worry about going over budget. We want to keep your rates down, which is why we provide the lowest flatbed rates in Lynchburg. Our team can offer you diligent driving, loading, and unloading services, all while you save money.

Talk with one of our experts to learn about the flatbed rates for your cargo. Reach out at (540) 498-5560, and we’ll be thrilled to give you an estimate for your delivery.

Get A Flatbed Truck

When you have a load that won’t fit in a trailer, you can still have it transported. Traveler Transportation Inc. has a fleet of flatbed trucks and experienced drivers to get your cargo where it needs to go on time. Never worry about your goods when you trust us.

For a timely, careful, and expert flatbed trucking service in Lynchburg, book a truck at (540) 498-5560 today!